Sunday, April 22, 2018

The DownLow on Camp Korey

Kevin and I made a date on Friday to go see Camp Korey and meet the people who make it go.  Wendy and Beth are incredible hosts who took a good amount of their afternoon to make us feel welcome.  Starting with this:
Camp Korey has so many pictures on their website that I couldn't add anymore here.  What they do for the children they serve is to allow them to let their hair down and be kids instead of miniature adults keeping up with a schedule for their medications. This is not to say that they get to skip their medications, but instead, the medical staff keeps up with the schedule and brings the medications to the child.  

Kevin is getting ready to finish up the PCT this summer, and this visit was just the inspiration to get back on his fundraising bandwagon.  This is a summary of what we saw at Camp Korey:  The cabins are spotless and the bunks boast real mattresses, each cabin has its own bathroom--this is not your ordinary camp accommodations, and all of them are wheelchair accessible.  The camp has two hundred acres of fully usable land, with its own orchard, vegetable garden; a small amphitheater which will be enlarged, a soccer field, a big dining hall, and a separate gathering place for celebrating whatever needs to be celebrated. Underneath the dining hall is the arts and crafts room.  Each camper makes wish flags. They hang from the ceiling in the dining hall.  One of the wishes that gave me a chuckle was from the child who wanted to be batman.  The most touching wish was the flag that said, "I hope everyone's wishes come true."  And that is our wish for every child who comes to Camp Korey--that their every wish comes true.   
If you wish to donate to this cause: click this link