Monday, August 13, 2018

More Adventures with Wayfair

Mon Jul 30

  • Hiked from burn-out campsite to Hwy 62
    • To Mazama and back 
    • Hwy 62 to Dutton Creek/Rim Village Trail  16.1 miles
  • Theme for Southern Oregon:  
    • Hot Days - so, I am not eating much
    • Minimal Water - so, I must carry lots of water
    • Smoke
    • Not much scenic value
    • My pack is always heavy
  • Tomorrow 2.4 miles to Rim Village
    • The next 26 miles--there is NO water
    • Way too many mosquitoes to cowboy camp
    • The plan for Rim Village--quick breakfast, camel up & load up with water, get on the trail
    • A girl from Australia or New Zealand traveling Southbound I met on the trail about a mile from camp.  Went on and on about the smoke, lack of water, and hot days.  "There's no joy in this," she said.  "It's hard making 20 miles in the smoke and heat.  Take plenty of water. Be careful"
    • Girl named Dragon camped next to me
Tues 7/31
  • Left camp by 5:00 am  The trail to Rim Village was mostly uphill
  • At Rim Village
    • Cameled up on water
    • Had my hot meal--shredded Mexican beef, refried beans, Spanish rice
    • Filled up every water bottle, brushed my teeth.  Took only 45 minutes to get back on the trail
  • South portion of Rim Trail is very steep.  Because of thick smoke, views of Crater Lake were almost non-existent 
  • Frustrated by the trail and lack of views, the 2nd or 3rd time the trail came down to the road, I got on the highway for a road-walk instead of staying on the Rim Trail.  
  • Turned out the north portion of the Rim Trail is flatter but I had no idea.  I was not the only road walker
  • I caught the trail again at the intersection of Rim Road and highway
  • Natalie, a girl from Switzerland.  We've been leap-frogging.  I took her photo, she took mine
  • Everyone is tired of smoke, hot days, and big water carries
  • I had a shower yesterday but you couldn't tell it now.  The trail is dust.  My lower legs and feet are filthy dirty 
Wed 8/1
  • Not as smoky.  Still hot but not as hot
  • 8-9 miles to Thielson Creek.  The sound of a creek-- has to be one of the greatest sounds in the universe 
  • 52 year old hiker Yo-Se-Ki (stands for Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks)  He had a hip replacement last year.  Not the fastest hiker, but he hikes long hours, and puts in more miles than the faster, young bucks
  • Made it to Maiden Lake Trail Junction.  Dropped pack, walked 3/4 to the lake.  Cleaned up, filled two bottles with water and walked back. 

  • Taking a break at the trail junction when Lily and Kiki walked up.  They ditched Wander a day or so ago. 
  • Hiked on to mile 1866--found a place to bivvy for the evening.  Not the best site as it was on a slope, but it was the best available site and I made it work 
  • Today 21 miles with pack and 1.5 miles without pack
  • Revelation--at mile 1860 outlined in the trail out of fir cones 3000k.  All along I thought I was walking miles, then I find out I've been walking kilometers from the start.  Holy Kamoley, when did this happen?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • I'm a little dehydrated.  Nothing you can do about this when you're in one water carry after another--20 miles, 26 miles, 13 miles, 16 miles, 18 miles. I hope these are the last big water carries. 
Thurs 8/2
  • As I travel north, the smoke lessens
  • Left camp at 5:10 am. Great water cache at Windigo Pass on a gravel Forest Service road.  Even had Gatorade and a charging station with a solar charger
  • At mile 1881 campsite at Summit Lake.  Cooked my hot meal.  Left there at 3:30 pm, hoping to crank another three miles. 
  • Between mile 21 & 22 for the day, I caught a tree stub and landed on my nose.  The way I landed I was certain it was broken--but it wasn't.  Now is the time to tell you the real concern from the fall, was my back.  On day 1 (July 25), carrying a beast of a pack with three days of food and more than five liters of water.  I strained my back (muscle on right side in mid-back.  I'd been nursing it along pretty well.  After getting to camp and setting up tent, I lay down for a bit.  Very hard to get up.  Bending over, twisting, turning all very painful. 
  • Tomorrow I have sixteen miles to Shelter Cove for my next resupply box
  • I believe in the power of overnight rest.  My back won't be anywhere 100% but I think I can hike to Shelter Cove. There's also 1500 vertical feet of climb for the first four miles. 
Fri 8/3
  • Hiked from mile 1890 to mile 1909 and three miles to and from Shelter Cove--22 miles
  • I love Diamond Peak!  Reminded me of places in Washington State and the High Sierras.  Even more important I had cell coverage.  For the first time in days I was able to talk with Becky.  Also got to speak with Garrett.  He is having to work for every mile.
  • I made it to Shelter Cove by 1:00 pm and left around 3:00 pm. I hiked back to the PCT and on another 4 miles to Rosary Lake (campsite between middle and upper Rosary Lake)
Joy Has Returned
  • After days of smoke-filled skies, very hot temperatures, zero visibility, big water carries, and heavy pack--Joy Returned!!
  • I saw stars last night!
  • Diamond Peak Wilderness is a real gem
  • Back My back did well during the day.  At the end of the day, the back stiffened up on me, really sore doing a lot of simple moves at camp.  
  • Kiki and Lily beat me to Shelter Cove.  Those two gals can move
  • Will (real name) from Ashland, OR, and I have hit it off.  We've met at Mazama, Summit Lake, and Shelter Cove.  Because of my back toward the end of the day, I cannot lift my pack and get it on.  I have to sit on a stump with the pack behind me, put on the shoulder straps and snap hip belt.  It is cheating or the lazy man's way but is where I am now.  
  • Just so you know, Fish Lake Resort and Shelter Cove Resort do not have outgoing mail so a lot of the posts for this trip may come at once
  • I am at mile 1909.5, I believe Cascade Locks is 2147.  Decision made: I'm not going beyond Cascade Locks.  I am pushing as hard as I can to get home on or before August 15
  • Re-supply box was in Shelter Cove.  So far, all three of my resupply boxes were there when I arrived.  Thanks Becky!!
  • A lot of today's blog was done by headlamp at 3:45 am.  After hiking all day, I am too pooped to do much more than set up camp, eat, and crash. 
  • Including miles to and from Resorts, 200 miles in 10 days
Sat 8/4
  • Hiked from 1909.5 to Storm Lake 1932.8 = 23.3 miles
  • Trail Magic:  The Leeson's (Harold, Karen, and Jeff) from Eugene, OR, provided hot dogs, beer, coke (the drink, not the drug), grapes, cookies, and chips
  • Their son, Jeff, also called "Ducky" (trail name) hiked the PCT in 2016 and the Appalachian Trail this year.  Ducky does not remember meeting Garrett/Pathfinder
  • Cleaned up my legs and feet. Unbeknownst to me, big toe on the right foot has had a huge blister.  I cut away all dangling skin and added two layers of New Skin

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