Friday, August 11, 2017

Dunsmuir to Burney Mountain

Mon 7/31 Coming into I-5 and Dunsmuir

Some hikers I met
  • Sebastian from Holland
  • Sunny from Taiwan (that is her real name)
  • Splash (red hair and red beard)
  • Gabe and Nimbles -- I know them from the desert

Trying to hitch a ride:  Shakedown and Pano (guys) and Star Crunch (a gal)
Ride to town in a semi-truck driven by Brian

Dunsmuir: Laundry, resupply box, Pizza Factory, set up ride back to the trail, shower

Tues 8/1 started I-5 mile 1498.7  ended/campsite 1475.6 = 23.1
Wed 8/2  started campsite 1475.6 ended/campsite 1452.6 = 23 miles

Tues 8/1 no post

Wed 8/2 2-3 days ago I was hiking and in deep thought when suddenly I realized my left leg was WAY too close to a rattlesnake.  I gave out a shout, "Hey!" while I did a backwards do-si-do.  The snake crawled into the bushes.

It has been blistering hot.  Would someone please turn on the air conditioner at night so I can sleep! Dirty and sticky is one thing, but add sweating hot and sleep is not good.  No place to clean up near camp

Some hikers I met: 
  • Atlas
  • Naked Ninja
  • Viper, Fun Dip
  • Masa (from Japan)
  • Ungerwhere
  • Medicine Woman--Donatella
  • Murphy's Law--Ian
  • Another old dog--name is an acronym
  • Frog--really old guy  After losing 25 lbs, his name became Froggy--a really old guy getting younger.  Froggy and I hiked together some yesterday afternoon.  Froggy: "I can't believe you hiked in one day what took me two days."  Again Froggy:  "You're doing 23-25 miles a day.  At 63! You're a hiking stud!"  Kevin: "If I were a stud, I would have done the Sierras." Froggy: "You were smart to not go into the Sierras." 

We camped together at PCT mile 1475.6. Camp chores suffered because we talked--just us and with other hikers as they went by.  Froggy would like to have partnered with me, but we're not compatible--15 miles a day versus mid-20s, early versus later riser, and hiking pace. 

Yesterday I crossed the 1000 mile barrier.  Sounds impressive--1000 miles.  When you consider the days I gave  away--June 29-July 19 and the Sunday and Monday in Seiad Valley = 22.5 days.  Had I hiked those days, I'd be at 1400 instead of 1000.  My chance of completing all of the PCT this year = 5%.  The weather will have to be favorable well into October. 

The ugly count is at 3.  Japanese woman and South Korean woman--bodies have been found.  Man from Ireland is missing. 

I'm eating well--Italian dry salami, cheese and crackers before dinner. Last 3 camp meals were good:
  • Mexican shredded beef with Spanish rice and refried beans
  • Green chile stew with rice and beans
  • Texas style BBQ brisket with mashed potatoes
Yesterday the hiking was pretty easy.  Today had 3500 feet of climb in the afternoon. 

I could drink two pitchers of iced tea.  Another dry camp. I have only 2.5 quarts of water to get me through tonight and to first water tomorrow (7 miles away)

Thurs 8/3 started 1452.6 Ended Peavine Creek 1436.2 miles = 22.4 miles

Hikers I met today:
  • Soleful
  • Cannonbell
  • Wizz
  • Hercules--One Day - storyteller
Mid afternoon, I came onto a hiker in the shade. It was T-Bone.  I had met him at Cajon Pass and ran into him several other times.  We had a good long talk.  I didn't care, talking with T-Bone was more important.  T-Bone is from Ashland, OR.  He made it through all the Sierras.  The Japanese woman who died had a trail name--Strawberry

Mark, 53, from California is camping here too. Ten years ago he rode his bike across the US. Now he's doing a thru-hike of the PCT.  Impressive!

Fri 8/4 Started 1430.2   Ended 1407  = 23 miles
Note:  I hope to get back on trail this evening. We'll see.

Hikers I met:

  • Jay and Tanya from Australia--we were on the same flight to San Diego on May 11th. 
  • Cowboy
  • Houdini
  • Heather--met her in the desert, then at Rock Creek today
  • Jen
I was nailed by a bee today on the left calf.  Hurt like the dickens and still is a little sore

I was hiking in conifer shrub

Reduced elevation and picked up annual brome species and our old friend, yellow star thistle 

At 10:40 am I left PCT and hightailed it to Burney Falls State Park.  I had a hot dog, chips, pop, and ice cream.  I filled a couple of water bottles and was back on PCT at 11:43 am.

(Becky's note here:  The pink tape is to make it easy for Kevin to find his box amid the myriad of boxes that get sent to the same resupply hub.  Not just a few times we've found this a handy thing. )

About five miles south of Burney Falls State Park, I ran into trail magic--picnic table with shade, one cooler of water, one cooler of lemonade, and snacks

Made it to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch.  Shower and laundry and I feel like a million bucks.  They served taco salad.  I need to sort out food and water for the next section and leave so I can bivvy near or on the PCT.  Next 30 miles will be tough.  Hat Creek Rim, 29 miles between water sources. 


  1. A few thoughts:

    1. The day out of Burney Falls State Park, Lady Bug, Paisley and I were stung. Two days later, Panini and I were stung. That's the same area Dad got stung. The calf isn't too bad of a location if you have to get stung. The knee is much worse.

    2. Northern California is known for being hot. It is basically Southern California with more trees.

    3. When you read about Dad's meals, you should compare them to Ramen bombs. Top Ramen, instant mashed potatoes, and whatever else someone decides to add to their witches brew makes up a Ramen bomb. A lot of people don't even cook them. Dad is eating very well by comparison.

    4. People talk about the Hat Creek Rim like it's a miserable place. It's supposed to be insanely hot, but I thought Seiad Valley was worse. You have to carry water for 29 miles, but the desert makes you ready for that. They all seem to neglect that you have the best views in Northern California here. I like the Hat Creek Rim.

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