Monday, September 18, 2017

Sept 4-7

Mon 9/4
Started VVR Landing 878.8  Ended 889.8  about 11 miles  (not counting 1.5 miles from landing to PCT)

  • With VVR "not having my resupply box, then finding it late yesterday, cost me four hours of prime morning hiking--I lost some 8-10 miles of hiking today. 
  • Hiked up and over Silver Pass.  Same lovely sub-alpine and alpine zones as the other passes. 
  • Staying at VVR also cost me a couple more meals

Mistakes Happen
  • At VVR I met Jori from the Netherlands.  At the ferry landing Jori was ahead of me to the junction with the PCT
  • I am NOBO while Jori is SOBO
  • I turned toward Silver Pass and after a bit here comes Jori.  Jori said, "How embarrassing!" I replied, "Mistakes happen." 
  • Then coming down Muir Pass we saw a hiker fall when a rock rolled under his foot
  • I have had my own missteps where I lost some skin. 

  • At VVR I met Mike and Shari Dunn--about my age and very nice.  They seemed intrigued by my stories of long-distance hiking
Tues 9/5
Started 889.5  Ended near middle fork San Joaquin bridge 907.3  (17.8 miles, not counting about three miles because of poorly marked signs)

One day--Two mistakes
  • I've made three wrong turns entire trip--two of them today.  
  • First on, I missed a sign and should have made a hard left turn at a switchback---minor
  • Poorly marked intersection 
    • I saw that I needed to go near Duck Lake and took that trail.  I should have turned left toward Reds Meadow. 
  • This poorly marked intersection cost me about three miles and more than an hour
  • Later I ran into Roland from Germany.  We saw each other several times in northern California.  Roland was as happy to see me as I was to see him. 

  • Jori from Netherlands (met Jori at VVR)
    • Jori is a SOBO hiker
    • Jori has no problem skipping significant portions of PCT
      • He started at Stevens Pass, WA,--skipped Canada to Stevens 
      • Skipped big section in Oregon
      • Skipped big section in northern California
  • At camp I laid down and Later could hardly move--my back is stiff and sore.  Way worse than it has been.  We'll see how it goes from here. 

Wed 9/6
Early start 5:25 AM Much improved signage, which made me happy.  No wrong turns
  • Started 907.3  Ended 926.9  19.6 miles
  • I had time to go a little further but there are no campsites identified and looked like a storm was coming
  • It is 6:30 p, and I've been in the tent for an hour.  Thunderstorm, some rain, some hail, more light rain
  • Last night's thunderstorm--the tent performed beautifully.  It was great. 
  • Thunderstorm is booming and cracking
  • One PCT hiker (a guy) named Nec (as in nectarine) is about 100 miles from completing PCT.  He only needs to go to Kearsarge Pass
  • A gal is hiking to Mt Whitney, but she also has Washington to do.  I hope she makes it.  She will be in Washington well into October. 

Becky is a Genius
  • Becky added a packet of McClard's BBQ sauce to two meals--pulled pork and brisket.  Wonderful!
Thurs 9/7  Started 926.9
  • Left camp at 5:00 AM, hiking under full moon
  • Hiked over Donohue Pass.  The other side was typical--rocky and steep. 


  1. Welcome home!! Thanks for the pics and commentary--the good, the bad and the ugly! Go Clint Eastwood!!

  2. Way to go Kevin! I love your posts. Such beautiful scenery.😀