Monday, February 27, 2017

Never Go To Costco on Sunday

At least that's how I feel about it.  Kevin thinks it's a wonderful opportunity for people-watching, I just think there's too many people.

Kevin is planning meals and trying to get his food together for the hike, and that necessitated a trip to Costco.  This particular trip focused on getting his breakfast foods together, along with a few other essentials.  In the next couple of days, we will be ordering his vitamin supplements and several other items. Today, he picked up granola bars, nuts, crackers, oats, sandwich bags, Snickers bars, PayDay bars, and protein bars.  We looked for powdered drink mixes and powdered milk, but we weren't quite as successful with those.

On a side trip to Hooked on Toys, he did find freeze-dried eggs that pack a protein wallop for some of his breakfasts.  Now he has to decide how to package those things up for his resupply packages.  According to what we found online, we may need to invest in food-grade mylar bags for the eggs.

Every now and then he asks me about something I could do for him.  This last something is a food-cozy to keep his food warm after he boils water to reconstitute it.  I made two of them for him.  I found mylar-backed batting that I cut into rectangles big enough to hold a quart-sized Ziploc bag and then covered it with silicone coated rip-stop nylon.  It weighs one ounce and should keep the heat inside while his food cooks.

He has dehydrated several different kinds of meals for the hike:  brisket, carne adovado,  and shredded beef for tacos.  The next item on his list is spaghetti sauce.  We have the ground beef, but he likes to add pepperoni to his spaghetti sauce.  We will be going to the store in the not too far distant future for the mini pepperoni slices.

We have had a dehydrator for a number of years, with quite a bit of use off and on, but until this last year when Garrett came home to prepare his food for his hike last year, it had been idle for a long time.  Now the dehydrator has a home in the pantry, instead of in the garage, and is getting a regular workout.  I had to order a few more tray liners for it because the original ones we had somehow disappeared (sometimes that happens).

One of the most unusual places we have shopped for "gear" is at Hobby Lobby where I get small zippered plastic bags that hold single portions of things like gravy mix, Gatorade powder, daily vitamin pills, etc.  I also shop Goodwill for clothing.  The main thing about hiking clothes is that it has to be all synthetic fiber unless it is wool.  Goodwill is a great place to find those kinds of things quite cheaply.

This week, Kevin will be meeting with a friend who will do part of the hike with him this summer and they will corral all of their hiking knowledge (which is considerable) and make plans for that segment of the hike.

The time for the hike is rapidly approaching and Kevin is working like an ant getting ready for winter.  So with that I'll close this post.  TTFN

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