Friday, February 3, 2017

Why Camp Korey

I decided early on that I wanted the hike to be more than just a hike and to be more than just about me. To find meaning in my hike, I thought I could raise money for a deserving charity and there is no more deserving charity than one that supports children. Camp Korey is one of the associated camps in the Serious Fun Network of camps, started by Paul Newman. The original camp is called the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and is located in Connecticut. Camp Korey is located in Mount Vernon, Washington, and supplies camping fun along with medical support for children with serious medical conditions. The camp not only provides children with some serious fun, but also gives their parents a brief respite from the revolving door of doctor visits, medical treatments, and hospital stays. The biggest benefit of all is the memories that the camp provides to the children and their families. It is a life-altering experience for all involved.

 All of this is why I am asking for partnership in raising $10,000 to send four children to camp. Just last week there was an article in the Grant County Journal about a little girl needing a kidney transplant. Last summer my wife met a little girl with fibrous dysplasia. Both of these little girls are in Ephrata. When it comes down to it, there are children in nearly every community who could use this camp and who need the opportunity to kick up their heels a little bit.

 The Cost for a camper for the summer is $2,500 Here is what a $2,500 campership covers:
· Specialized meal prep and food selection
· Seasonal staffing to ensure 2:1 adult-child ratio for security and safety
· Staff and volunteer background checks
· Staff and volunteer training · Medical care, equipment, and support
· Transportation expenses to help get campers and volunteers to and from camp
· Costs associated with running all of our different activities like wood shop, stage night, food fights, etc.
· Supplies for our leadership program: speakers, teambuilding equipment, etc.
· Camp T-Shirts and apparel
· Year round staffing, general expenses for utilities, property, insurance, etc.

 Let's do this together.

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