Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One More Challenge

Exactly 13 weeks to go! I will be busy preparing and organizing food drops, checking gear and training for the rigors of the PCT. I have been managing a sore foot, both knees and lower back during for some time. Ice and an extended period of cold temperatures has hampered outdoor activities but I have managed pretty well. This past Sunday (Jan. 29th), I went snow shoeing with a group of mountaineers and bikers. I truly enjoy going with John, Shirley, Harold and Mike. For this group the chosen path is straight uphill and straight downhill. Their skill and ability to travel in bad winter conditions is outstanding. Nadia, Steve, Bill and I are relative new comers but eager. So, I knew what I was in for; a great workout for sure, but it comes with some risk of injury. For my first outing of the winter with the mountaineers, my legs were okay fighting the loose snow uphill. Going down the steep slopes my knees growled and protested, but no harm, no foul. For my left foot it was another story – many steps were downright painful. Now I have one more challenge – heal my left foot AND somehow keep on training in some fashion. I have been doing Ice-water soaks several times a day and have almost completely shut down exercising. Tomorrow I plan to call the podiatrist to see about a walking boot. Omega 3 will be increased and vitamin E continued. Gelatin will be on the menu. My training plan will be modified numerous times I’m sure pending the feedback from the foot. My training target will need to be lowered. Becky, Garrett, and Leanna have been most encouraging. My motto – do what I can, take care of what is in my control and take the long view. It doesn’t matter what I can do now. The only thing that matters is what I can do in May.

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