Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gear for the Trail June 2019

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  Kevin has done the first step for this year's journey, but I thought that you'd like to see what he's taking with him.

Gear List June 2019

Some items are multipurpose and show up in more than one section.

I tend to think of gear in a system approach.  Everything has to work together and to meet what I want

·         I am using my ULA pack again.  I call it Old Faithful.  Also have a pack cover
·         I also have a new Hyperlite Mountain Gear.  It is smaller.  After coming off trail I need to spend some serious time trying to make this pack work.  Pack cover not needed; it is waterproof until it is no longer waterproof.  Becky's annotation--The Hyperlite is made of cuben fiber which is lighter weight than ripstop nylon.

Sleep System:
·         Ground cloth – a piece of Tyvek.  Some Tyvek is very slick and I don’t like it so much--It's easy to acquire from a construction site--just ask for a scrap of left-overs.
·         ThermarestZ-Lite pad
·         2-personNemo free standing tent and stakes.  2-person model was only a few ounces more but well worth the room
·         EnchantedEquipment sleeping quilt (I believe it is a 40-degree quilt)
·         Silk liner to help keep the quilt clean.  Also provides a little more warmth

Navigation System
·         Keeping alert for signs is first and foremost
·         Paper maps
·         Silva Range compass w/ sighting mirror
·         Altimeter watch – can track elevation gained or los.  Can also do dead reckoning with watch
·         Cell phone w/ app.  I will use Halfmile app this year.  Guthooks is a better option

Hydration System
·         Sawyer filter and squeeze
·         Aqua Mira drops if I have to use skunky water
·         Water bottles – 2 are Smartwater (same threads as filter), 2 are Gatorade
·         Electrolyte powder (Skratch or Gatorade)
·         Possibly some electrolyte pills or salt

·         Cell phone and charger
·         Paper and pens for blog.  Send home to Becky w/ pre-addressed and stamped envelope
·         SD card for photos also send home

·         TP and hand sanitizer
·         Sliver of soap, bandanna, small pack towel

Sun protection
·         Long sleeved shirt w/ collar
·         Cap with bandanna covering neck
·         Sunglasses
·         Sunscreen.  I stop using after awhile

Cooking System
·         MSRPocket Rocket stove  in the picture on the website, the stove is the part on top of the fuel canister
·         Fuel canister (stove screws onto canister)
·         Titanium pot.  Note: I do NOT cook in the pot; I just heat up the water.  Food I cook goes into a freezer bag
·         Lighter
·         Spoon from the kitchen
·         Cozy that Becky made.  Keeps the food hot longer

·         Hiking shorts.  Shorts MUST have two zippered pockets  Much of his clothing was acquired from thrift stores.  They are a wonderful thing, thrift stores. 
·         Long sleeved shirt with collar.  Taking Ex Officio shirt w/ insect repellent.  My favorite is a Dakota Grizzly nylon
·         Nasty ball cap that has well over 3,000 miles
·         DarnTough wool socks – thin and light for summer.  I take 2-3 pairs.  With lifetime guarantee why would you use any other sock.  Also wool is not as stinky
·         Trail hiking or trail running shoes
o   Brooks Cascadia
o   Ascics
o   Montrail.  No longer made.  I bought several pairs some years back
·         Extra clothes
o   Mont Belle – wind shirt, rain jacket & pants.  Also, VERY light gloves when mosquitoes are swarming
o   Stocking cap and gloves.  Also, silk balaclava
o   Baseball sanitary socks – pretty long.  Sleep in at night.  Helps keep quilt clean
o   NO base layer top or bottoms.  NO vest or puffy jacket

Tools and personal items
o   Black Diamond hiking poles for balance when the trail has loose rock, crossing streams, etc.  Also, to help save knees on downhill
o   Leatherman TINY knife.  Multi-tool
o   Toenail clippers, scissors, tweezers (probably overkill as Leatherman has the last 3 features)
o   Supplements – vitamin C&E, glucosamine, Omega XL or fish oil
o   Paper and pens to do the math – how many miles must I do to get to XYZ re-supply before post office closes on Friday
o   On one sheet some scripture
o   NO Walkman so no tunes, NO solar charger or battery pack so phone is off 98% of the time.  A lot of hikers have phone on 24-7 as it has phone app, tunes, etc.
o   Canon Powershot camera
o   Toothbrush and toothpaste
o   Medical items in a freezer bag
o   New Skin and betadine.  A couple of sanitary wipes
o   A few Band Aids with a little white medical tape, duct tape and some vet wrap
o   Ibuprofen which I use only as a last resort
o   Gold Bond foot cream
o   On a trip like this you are one misstep from disaster.  There are MANY trippers, rockers and rollers that will put you down in a heartbeat.  You WILL have some missteps.  You’d better be prepared walk 30 miles or more if you get hurt.   There is no other option when you hike solo.  You’ll have a great story!

That is all until I remember something else.  Kevin

A lot of the gear can be purchased from  I put links on a few of the items so that you'd get an idea of what he's carrying.  

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