Sunday, July 28, 2019

Oregon/Washington PCT Hike 2019 Part 1

Two years ago, I wanted my hike to be more than a hike.  I told Becky to find some charity about kids and cancer.  Becky has had carcinoid in her liver for more than fifteen years.  Becky found Camp Korey, whose mission is to bring in children with fragile health, or disabilities.  The conditions can include cancer but it is not solely for children with cancer.  These kids have more limitations, more struggles than we can imagine.  Severely limited in what they can do because they are in and out of hospitals, doctors appointments, treatments, etc.

At no charge to the families, Camp Korey brings in children for a week to allow them to be kids.  They ride horses, have food fights (instigated by the camp), sing around the campfire, and do things healthy children take for granted.  And . . . they get to meet other children who have the same condition they have.  This is a life-transforming event.

You have contributed in the past.  Quilts have been made for the camp, monetary donations have been given.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please consider helping Camp Korey again.

Friday 7/15  Loves Truck Stop Ellensburg
  • Saw a young woman with almost no leg function using hiking poles that wrapped around her upper arms, kind of dragging her legs.  I am blessed to hike for her. 
Logistics for getting on the trail:
  • Caught bus in Ellensburg a little after 3:00 pm
  • Changed buses in Seattle and in Portland
  • Into Medford at 5:00 am.  Two hour wait for local bus to Ashland
  • Hitch a ride to Exit 6 off I-5.
Saturday 7/16 
  • Start at PCT mile 1716.2 by Callahans off I-5
  • End at PCT mile 1699.54 = 16.74 miles at Siskiyu Gap
Felt bad almost from the start of today's hike--no strength, no motoring uphill, slow going all day.  No energy, lethargic.  The general goal  was 1000 miles in fifty days, or twenty miles a day.  Day 1 I didn't even get 17 miles. I kept passing by good campsites to "go just a little further."  In the end, I had to retreat about 1/4 to 1/2 mile to camp along a road of a miserable, exposed site.  You win some, you lose some.  Today I wiffed three straight and never even made contact (baseball analogy).  Almost too pooped to care. 

Ran into several thru-hikers.  All but one skipped the Sierras because of snow.  They have bounced around more than once. Ten days ago, Hikers were using crampons and ice axes in the Mt Jefferson area in Oregon.  

A lot of hikers and trail runners today.  Hikers of several sorts--day hikers, weekenders, several doing all of Oregon a bunch of thru-hikers.  I must have looked like death warmed over, three men hikers asked if I needed some help with anything. 

I got the names of only two hikers--a couple from the Netherlands--Ola and Thresh Level.  He has a high thresh-level, and she has a low thresh-level.  That's what they said, I'll let you decide what it means. 

I hiked through lots of Douglas fir forests.  Also saw Ceanothus, paintbrush, lupine, arnica, kinnikinnik (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi or Bear Berry), penstemon, spirea, Oregon grape. 

Why did I hike poorly today? 
  • Last night, not much sleep on overnight bus ride
  • three days ago, Becky said I looked bad
  • For several days before leaving, it seemed I was hungry all the time
  • too much training on flat ground?
Achy and sore as the dickens, especially my hip flexors which want to cramp.  I'll take an electrolyte tablet.  And yes, I have some Gatorade powder in some water.  (Becky's note here--when Kevin prepares Gatorade from powder, he waters it down considerably.)

I enjoyed talking with the thru-hikers today.  Not much fun otherwise. 
I am giving myself until 10:00 am tomorrow to reach the California border.  Maybe I'll hike stronger.

I miss Becky, Abby, and having a shower.  Oh well, buck up, Cowboy.

The dinner tonight--green chile, turkey, rice, and dehydrated refried beans--pretty darn good.  And with Fritos to boot!

Becky here:  I am going to break this down into several posts.  This is the end of post 1

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