Monday, July 1, 2019

Getting Back on the Trail

I will be leaving Friday July 5th to get back on trail.  Originally, I had something else in mind and then I changed locations.  But then in May I found out that the Natural Resources Conservation Service was wanting me to do more work than I had expected and to be done by the end of September.  Ever resilient, I settled into yet another plan.

I am going back to southern Oregon to hike to California border and northbound to the Canadian border following once again the Pacific Crest Trail.  I know, I know, I have hiked all of the PCT.  Why the PCT again?  There is something about the PCT and the trail culture that I just love.  Truth is I could hike the PCT every year.  Last year my son Garrett hiked all of the PCT, all of the Continental Divide Trail and all of the Appalachian Trail.  Garrett says the by far the PCT is the best of the three. 

My general plan is to hike 1,000 miles in 50 days.  Timing is everything.  The weather has been very nice lately but by weekend the temperature will be in the 90s.  Go figure.

It’s Not Just About Me
Though I go alone this hike is not just about me.  Here’s who I’ll be hiking for (and praying for):
1.       I hike for my wonderful wife Becky.  She makes sure my re-supply packages arrive on time and she types my blog from my scribbled notes.  Becky has carcinoid cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.  I hike for all those with cancer, blood pressure or diabetes issues
2.       I hike for those who have lost a loved one.
a.       Carlos Lopez recently lost his wife Angela.  She had cardio-pulmonary problems
b.       Will Keller lost his wife Jan to breast cancer last year.  Will is instrumental with the Okanogan Community Homeless Shelter.  He said that they need prayer, donations and volunteers
c.       Shiraz and Sigrid Vira lost their son Alex to a diabetic coma two years ago
3.       I hike for Camp Korey.  This camp provides amazing experiences to medically fragile children.  I am also hoping to raise money for the camp.  They provide the camp experiences for free to the campers and depend on donations to keep the camp running. 
4.       Judy Crose recently had three strokes.  It’s been a long struggle for Judy to regain mobility and speech function that we all take for granted.  Her husband Harold is the main care giver.  I hike for stroke victims and care givers of all medical situations.
5.       I hike for various ministries at GracePoint Church – all youth programs, Stephen’s Ministry.  Stephen’s ministers walk alongside people who are sick, lost their job, lost a loved one, are depressed, etc.  Life Groups are critically important.  Elders and Deacons minister to the congregation and need wisdom.
6.       For 40 years I worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Our partners include ranchers, farmers, conservation districts, state and other federal resource agencies.  I hike for the land stewards and those who work with them.
7.       I belong to the Ephrata Athletic Club.   Mike Scellick recently had a hip replacement.  I hike for Mike and anyone else with knee or hip replacements.
8.     There are so many others I hike for that are too numerous to list. 

So, until the next time, see you on the trail. 

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