Monday, May 1, 2017

Houston, We Are Go For Launch

Houston, We are ready for final check

Clothing system--base layer and hiking clothes ready.  We are prepared for wind, cold and rain

Nutrition system--

        Trail Food: Breakfast & Dinner prepared for entire trail

        Lunch and Snacks for first 5 sections, will adjust once we know what is working

        Stove, pot, and lighter will be shipped to San Diego

        Fuel canister will be purchased there

        Vitamins and Glucosamine ready

        We have a superb person in charge of resupply boxes.  They will be there on schedule

        Town food:  will be purchased at every resupply stop.

Hydration system--filter and Aqua Mira for treatment.  Water bottles and bladder ready.

Sleep System--tent, ground cloth, & stakes ready.  Sleeping quilt, pad, and liner ready

          The support for the tent (hiking poles) will be shipped

Personal Gear:

           Knife, sunscreen, sunglasses, Deet & headnet for mosquitoes all ready

           Bible reading material will be supplied in re-supply boxes

Navigation system--maps, compass, altimeter watch, and PCT handbook pages ready.  Also maps for trail exclosures

Communication system:

            Cell phone and charger ready.

            Pen, paper, and self-addressed envelopes for updating base station


             Body:  Training hikes of 18 miles not met due to foot.  We have been doing 10 mile hikes

             Foot:  peroneus brevis tendon MUCH better

All Systems, we're ready for Go-No Go Assessment: 

              Clothing system:  Go!

              Nutrition system:  Go!

              Hydration system:  Go!

              Sleep system: Go!

              Navigation system: Go!

              Travel arrangements: Done. Go!


                       Body:  the new, adjusted plan is possible

                       Foot:  ditto

Foot & Body: we need your Go-No Go assessment now!

               Go!!  But you must start slow, take the long view, AND listen to the feedback we're giving

Houston, we're Go for launch.

                Travel date for San Diego is May 11th.

                Departure from Southern Terminus of the PCT on May 12th at first light.

PS:  I know that many of you have been pulling for me and praying.  Much appreciated.

Kevin Guinn, May 1, 2017

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