Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thank You All!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the 10th, Becky & I  head to Spokane to celebrate her birthday and Mother's Day.  May 11th, I travel to San Diego to be picked up by a Trail Host who will take me to the PCT for an early start on Friday, the 12th.

I want to thank those who have contributed or pledged to donate to Camp Korey.  This warms the cockles of my heart!

Many thanks also to those who have been pulling for me and praying for me.  Without your encouragement and support, it is doubtful that I would be going.  My wife, Becky; son, Garrett; and daughter, Leanna, have been leading the charge.  But I have also have had great support from the rest of my family, my family at GracePoint church, my NRCS family (I worked with them for more than forty years), and my SRM family (Society for Range Management).

On May 5th, Garrett called and said, "A lot of PCT hikers are not even going to start their hike this year." Maybe all the snow in the Sierras has spooked them.  Then he said, "Dad, you have one goal right now--just get to the trail."  Roger that:  Goal #1--Get to the trail.

The scanned document is from Alan Fulk of the NRCS.  What a great chuckle and great encouragement from Alan and his family--Mary, McKinley, and Walker!!! Thank you so much!

See you somewhere up the trail

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  1. spokane is a perfect location for an expedition I was to visit this location last year upon suggestion from the but next year I will make a point of vsiting this location