Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kevin's First Letter

Kevin writes in bullet points, so I am going to put it here as he wrote it.

May 11
4:35 AM At Spokane Airport

  • Had a good time with Becky yesterday in Spokane--thrift store where we found large bag so I could check my pack.  $25 charge to check bag, grrr!
  • We ate Lamb Korma at Taste of India
  • Virtually no sleep last night.  Becky was hurting
  • I gotta be quick in Seattle--must change terminals with only 45 minutes between flights
  • Several good wishes have come in via email.  Thanks!!!
  • I am amped up and will be until I board in Seattle.
  • Gave out cards to:
    •  recent retiree from Air Force
    • Wanda--my seat mate on flight to Seattle (Boeing Employee Credit Union)
    • My seatmate on flight to San Diego
7:35 AM On flight to San Diego

  • Couple in front of me are doing PCT too--Jay and Tanya - Freaky!  They are from Australia and a LOT younger than I am
12:00 Noon In San Diego Airport waiting for my Trail Host.  Can't wait to meet him and the other PCT hiker (Brabants).  I'm feeling content that I will get started tomorrow - not excited, not anxious, just content.  Very little sleep last night

7:00 pm:  Bob Riess, retired US Navy, picked up Gert Brabants and me at the airport.  Bob is definitely a military man.  He served our country well.  Bob is an important part of the PCT as he has since 1999:  hosting more than 700 hikers.  Gert Brabants is from Belgium and in his late 20s - early 30s. With his experience in the Alps, he should be a strong hiker.

Weather is in San Diego is VERY NICE -- mild breeze, warm at mid-day and cooling off now

I had a bit of an upset stomach today, but I am pumped about tomorrow's start.  "Take it easy, son.  You can't do 2660 miles in a day. "

I didn't get much sleep last night.  Hoping for more tonight.

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  1. Way to go, Kevin! San Diego rocks and so do you... Remember, CHERRY APPLE CIDER when you get to Julian, CA. Wishing you the best, Alex R