Friday, May 12, 2017

The Journey of 2660 Miles Begins with the First Step

Our liaison at Camp Korey is April Fulgate, and she was wanting a picture of Kevin with his pack.  I asked him to get his trail host to take a picture with his phone, so he could text it home and I could get this out ASAP.  So here he is, starting the Journey of 2660 miles and taking his first steps. As I hear from Kevin, I'll send out updates.

As Kevin hikes the trail, I'll be bringing some "hiking vocabulary" for your enjoyment.  Today's vocabulary word is Hiker Trash--any other thru-hiker on the trail.  Kevin met his first Hiker Trash yesterday flying from Seattle to San Diego.


  1. Based on conversations with other thru hikers, only about half the people who get a PCT permit make it to the trail. This year appears to be even lower due to snow levels in the Sierras. As such, the first major milestone is simply making it to the trail. Dad has reached his first milestone!


  2. Cool!! May your steps be strong and your spirit invigorated.